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"You have to be able to offer a future to the next generation. And you can't do that without land."—Nash Huber
2008 Steward of the Land
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Nash Huber and Patty Mcmanus HuberNash Huber of Nash's Organic Produce

American Farmland Trust is proud to recognize Nash Huber of Nash’s Organic Produce as our 2008 Steward of the Land. The award recognizes Huber for his leadership in protecting agricultural land, local food and the environment. He is the first Washington state farmer to receive the award, which honors the memory of Peggy McGrath Rockefeller, an avid farmer and conservationist who helped found American Farmland Trust.

Huber manages over 350 acres in the Dungeness River Valley on the Olympic Peninsula using environmentally sustainable farming practices. Nash’s Organic Produce is known throughout the Northwest for its quality organic food. The farm is situated in a unique microclimate that allows Nash and his team to produce food year-round, which they sell directly to the public at Nash’s farm store, local restaurants, five farmers’ markets, and through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Huber and his wife Patty McManus are important advocates for the preservation of farmland, and they are recognized throughout the West Coast for their leadership. Huber’s participation has been central to a variety of efforts to both raise public awareness about the issue and to actively protect agricultural land in Clallam County, which has lost 75 percent of its prime farmland to residential development in the last 50 years.

Nash’s Organic Produce: Leaders in Conservation and Healthy Food

Nash Huber has created a training ground for future farmers who are growing healthy food, supporting their local economy, protecting the environment and providing wildlife and salmon habitat. 

  • Nash’s Organic Produce protects water quality by participating in public campaigns for water protection and by creating vegetated buffers near creeks, rivers and ponds. The farm is certified “salmon safe” and has participated in Washington’s Pioneers in Conservation grants program, which funds projects that protect salmon habitat on agricultural land.
  • Land managed by the farm provides migratory waterfowl habitat for dozens of types of birds. Grasses and trees have been planted to ensure quality habitat for wildlife.
  • The farm uses a chemical-free pest control management program to deal with insects naturally and without harm to the environment. And the farm has an extensive composting program that nourishes the soil using natural byproducts from dairy farms, fish processing plants and the farm’s vegetable packing operations.
  • Huber has helped to save hundreds of acres of local farmland and important wildlife habitat through his work with the PCC Farmland Trust, the North Olympic Land Trust, Clallam Citizens for Food Security and Friends of the Fields, of which Huber was a founding member.
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