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Reforming the 2014 Farm Bill: Farm Policy for the 21st Century
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Making Your Voice Heard for Farmland Conservation

The Farm Bill passed because people like you cared enough to call or write your legislators to let them know the importance of this legislation.

While American Farmland Trust’s staff was busy working in the halls of Congress, you were supporting our advocacy efforts and making a real impact with your elected officials. Thank you for your support throughout this long process.

Below is a summary of advocacy efforts by American Farmland Trust supporters:

Over 45,000 individual actions were taken in 2013 supporting strong farmland conservation provisions. The top 25 states are depicted in the map above and in the graph below.

What is Next?

Now that Congress has passed the Agricultural Act of 2014, it is up to Congressional appropriators to guide annual Farm Bill spending and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to begin the process of interpreting the law, writing rules and regulations for how programs will work, and implementing those programs across the country.

American Farmland Trust will continue our advocacy efforts to work with Congressional Appropriations Committees to ensure funds are used wisely and to work with the Administration to ensure laws are interpreted the way we intended them to be written, and that rules and regulations are crafted in a manner to cost-effectively deliver programs and services at the local level to provide the greatest public benefit possible.

We couldn't do this work without the financial support of our community. Please consider making a donation to support AFT's efforts.



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