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Snapshot of North Carolina Agriculture

Farming on the Edge: North Carolina Farmland in the Path of Development

Congressional District Agriculture Profiles

Planning for an Agricultural Future:
A Guide for North Carolina Farmers and Local Governments



The Apple as Planet Earth Presentation
The Apple As Planet Earth

Do you know how much of the earth is suitable for farming? Watch the video and learn why protecting our farmland is so important.

North Carolina
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Did you know that the state of North Carolina has been losing about 55 acres of farmland per day? You have the power to help save our farms and farmland. Support North Carolina farmers and farmers markets by taking these simple actions:
Apple Support your local farmers by buying direct at farmers markets, farm stands, and CSAs.
Apple Spread the No Farms No Food® message by requesting a free bumper sticker.
Apple Be a part of the movement calling for healthy farms, healthy food and healthy communities and donate to help us save the land that sustains us.

Farming in a Time of Change

In the picturesque North Carolina mountains, farms face a range of pressures. Residential development from vacationers and retirees has rapidly driven up land prices and positioned new neighbors next to traditional farms. The end of the federal tobacco program has created economic uncertainty for many small farmers who relied upon burley tobacco production as the backbone of their agricultural operations. Both the North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund (ADFP Trust Fund) and the Farm Prosperity Project are working to protect the over 9 million acres of farmland in North Carolina.

North Carolina Guide covera guide for farmers and local governments

Intended as a working document for farmers, planners and county commissioners, our Planning for an Agricultural Future: A Guide for North Carolina Farmers and Local Governments mixes a discussion of existing planning tools with specific examples from North Carolina communities that have developed innovative ways to support the agricultural sector.



promoting sound farming practices: helping farmers address today's clean water challenges

Protecting Our EnvironmentIn collaborating with farmers, environmentalists, and policy makers, our Agriculture and Environment program protects water quality and reduces climate change while improving the economic viability of farming.

  • Take action to support the BMP Challenge and help farmers decrease nitrogen applications and reduce fertilizer contamination of local watersheds.
  • Send an AFT eCard and inspire family and friends to protect the environment.

keeping farmers on the land: improving access for family farmers to land and markets

American Farmland Trust (AFT) is working with farmers, planners and policy makers to ensure a regionally diverse structure for agriculture and more favorable economic conditions to keep farmers and ranchers on the land. Since most land use decisions are local, we work to create farm-friendly communities, demonstrate model approaches, educate partners and enact policies at all levels of government to support family farmers and keep land available and affordable for farming.

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To learn more about agriculture in your state, visit the North Carolina state profile page at the Farmland Information Center.

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