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Snapshot of Texas Agriculture

Farming on the Edge: Texas Farmland in the Path of Development


The Apple as Planet Earth Presentation
The Apple As Planet Earth

Do you know how much of the earth is suitable for farming? Watch the video and learn why protecting our farmland is so important.

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Did you know that the state of Texas has been losing more than 360 acres of farmland per day? You have the power to help save our farms and farmland. Support Texas farmers and farmers markets by taking these simple actions:
Apple Support your local farmers by buying direct at farmers markets, farm stands, and CSAs.
Apple Spread the No Farms No Food® message by requesting a free bumper sticker.
Apple Be a part of the movement calling for healthy farms, healthy food and healthy communities and donate to help us save the land that sustains us.

Texas LivestockPrivate Lands, Public Benefits
Incentives for the Stewardship of Texas Agricultural Lands

This guide is for Texans who want to ensure a future for the state’s farms and ranches: landowners who want to conserve, protect and steward their land and its resources; policymakers concerned about the costs to the state of the loss of rural lands; and all Texans who value the many benefits provided by working farms and ranches.

2009 Texas RuRal land trends study

Texas is home to over 142 million acres of private farms, ranches and forestlands, thus leading the nation in land area devoted to privately-owned working lands. Accounting for 84 percent of the state, these rural lands provide significant economic, environmental and recreational benefits. However, these benefits are quickly disappearing. A recent study conducted by the Institute for Renewable Natural Resources at Texas A&M University for American Farmland Trust reveals that Texas lost 2.1 million acres of farms, ranches and forest land between 1997 and 2007. To see the study, go to Texas Land Trends.

Read our policy recommendations for Texas.

Texas Agricultural Land Trust a Reality

Texas Agricultural Land Trust logoConcerned about the accelerated loss of agricultural lands in Texas, leaders of Texas’ statewide agricultural and landowner organizations came together to create the Texas Agricultural Land Trust (TALT). Facilitated by American Farmland Trust and modeled on agricultural land trusts in Colorado, Wyoming and California, TALT promotes the conservation of productive private working lands and wildlife habitats.  The creation of this new land trust enhances both public and private efforts to conserve Texas’ vital natural resources, and will augment efforts across the state to stem the loss of rural lands. 

Contact Blair Fitzsimmons for more information.

what's The value of Agricultural Land to your community?

keeping farmers on the land: improving access for family farmers to land and markets

American Farmland Trust (AFT) is working with farmers, planners and policy makers to ensure a regionally diverse structure for agriculture and more favorable economic conditions to keep farmers and ranchers on the land. Since most land use decisions are local, we work to create farm-friendly communities, demonstrate model approaches, educate partners and enact policies at all levels of government to support family farmers and keep land available and affordable for farming.

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To learn more about agriculture in your state, visit the Texas state profile page at the Farmland Information Center.

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