Since 2008, AFT’s work has focused on creating economic opportunities for the San Francisco Bay Area region’s farmers and ranchers, improving their prospects of staying on the land and managing it in the best way possible in the face of higher costs and increasing development pressure.



The San Francisco Bay Area is a hub of American gastronomy, with a vibrant agricultural landscape of 600,000 acres of farms and 1.7 million acres of ranchland right next door. Our farms and ranches generate $2.7 billion in annual gross production value alone. That figure jumps to $6.1 billion when we consider the jobs, labor income, and value added from Bay Area agriculture.

Yet development continues to chip away at agricultural lands—jeopardizing availability of local food for our residents and the economic, social, and environmental values that farmland and ranchland provide. Since 1984, we’ve lost 217,000 acres of agricultural land—that’s seven times the size of San Francisco!