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Bringing a New Generation of Farmers on the Land in New York

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Keeping Farmers on the Land

New Research Underscores Need To Address Farm Transition in New York

For centuries, farms have produced a bounty of foods for New York. However, the future of farming in the state is under threat due to development pressure and the need to connect a new generation of farmers with the land.

Farmland for a New Generation New York

Farmland for a New Generation New York is a program coordinated by American Farmland Trust, in partnership with the state of New York, agricultural organizations, land trusts, and others, that helps farmers seeking land and landowners wanting to keep their land in farming.
the program offers a statewide Resource Center and is supported by a network of Regional Navigators, partner organizations with dedicated staff who can provide information and personal assistance to farmers and landowners across New York.

Hudson Valley Farmlink Network

In 2014, American Farmland Trust led the launch of the successful regional model, the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network and the Hudson Valley Farmland Finder website. The Hudson Valley Farmlink Network is supported by a partnership of 17 organizations that have trained thousands of farmers and landowners and supported hundreds of farmers in finding land throughout the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley Farmland Finder