Oregon has the strongest land use protection policies in the country, as ranked in our nationwide spatial analysis for Farms Under Threat. A statewide land use planning system was established by the Legislature in 1973 that created zoning exclusively for farming. However, these protections are only as strong as the political will to keep them in place.

sheep on oregon farmland
Photo by David Berry.

Over the years, land intended to be used exclusively for agriculture has been chipped away as lawmakers introduce more and more competing uses. Learn more about the threats that face farmland by reading Death By 1000 Cuts, a report from 1000 Friends of Oregon.

In Oregon, we work to protect farmland, keep farmers on the land, and support sound farming practices. We value strong and steady partnerships, durable and strategic outcomes, and building bridges across challenging issues facing the future of agriculture.

2022 Legislative Priorities  

Natural and Working Lands (NWL)
SB 1534 will advance policy for carbon sequestration and soil health. It creates a framework to advance the strategies identified in the Natural and Working Lands Proposal, adopted by the Oregon Global Warming Commission.

Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program
We support the request for $5 million in funding for the Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program, which will protect farmland for generations to come.

Defend Oregon’s Land Use System
As threats to farmland come forward, we will work with our partners to defend the statewide land use planning system.

Photo by Jim Choate.
Participation in Forums and Coalitions

We serve as a member of forums and coalitions, where we help shape the future of farmland in Oregon, including:

  • The Oregon Community Food System Network, a collaboration of organizations and allies dedicated to strengthening local and regional food systems to deliver better economic, social, health and environmental outcomes across the state.
  • The Agriculture and Water Policy Sub-table for the Oregon Climate Action Plan coalition, advocating for equitable and climate smart strategies for the state.