American Farmland Trust is building momentum in the movement to save the land that sustains us

You may have noticed AFT representatives at a local farmer’s market or at your door recently. These canvassers are asking people who support our mission, like you, to become a part of our Perennial Partners program by donating to us each month. The contributions of our Perennial Partners enable us to grow our capability to work effectively across the nation.

American Farmland Trust works with Public Outreach, our face-to-face fundraising partner, in Boston and Los Angeles to build grassroots support for our mission to save the land that sustains us.

If you see our fundraisers on the street, stop and talk to them about the work American Farmland Trust does!

Is it safe and secure to give to AFT on the street or at my door?

Giving to American Farmland Trust on the street and at your door is a convenient and secure way to support us. Our representatives use tablets with encrypted software to securely collect payments and transfer them confidentially, so the only person who ever sees your credit card information is you!

This convenient and secure mobile giving method helps us receive your generous contribution as soon as possible. They can accept voided checks for Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, and credit card payments.

How do I know if a fundraiser is from American Farmland Trust?

Public Outreach fundraisers have identification badges that let you know their names and that they are representing AFT. Also, if you see them in any city that isn’t Los Angeles or Boston, they aren’t officially representing AFT.

I have signed up, but how do I know if I am a monthly donor?

Once you’ve set up your monthly gift, you will receive a notification email on the spot. If you do not get this confirmation message, please email or call (202) 331-7300 to confirm you have made the intended gift.

Have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our donor care team at or call (202) 331-7300 for more information on our fundraising or to become a monthly donor.