Jazmine Faulkner - American Farmland Trust

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Jazmine Faulkner

Women for the Land Southeast Program Intern

This Summer Jazmine is working on a Network Development Project to build Women for the Land Southeast initiatives with a focus on African American women and other women from marginalized groups in her home state of Kentucky.

Jazmine has a background in agricultural education from her leadership roles in organizations such as FFA and MANRRS and currently studies Individualized Agriculture at the University of Kentucky. Growing up in Central Kentucky she was able to experience different sectors of agriculture from the ground up but has the most interest in communication and education. Women For the Land Southeast is providing her with the opportunity to gain knowledge about outreach and communication and fine-tune those skills.

In recognition of her academic achievements, Jazmine was selected as a Farm Credit Scholar for her work in agricultural education and professional success through the MANRRS Organization. In addition, Jazmine currently serves as the UK MANRRS President and recently won First Place at the National MANRRS Conference in Public Speaking on the topic “Broadening Horizons and Changing the Narrative”

Through her work with Women For the Land and her future career interests, Jazmine is able to share her passion for advocacy with underrepresented groups in the Agriculture Industry.