Becky Szarzynski - American Farmland Trust

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Becky Szarzynski

Mid-Atlantic Livestock & Grazing Specialist

Becky is a Virginian native, who grew up on her family’s angus beef cattle operation. After leaving university early to pursue a life in agriculture, she started exploring new farming strategies that would allow her to revive the land and grow the family farm by decreasing inputs. Throughout her early adult life she has been employed on various farming and grazing operations including grass fed and conventional dairies as well as beef cattle operations. She is currently the owner/operator of Ember Cattle Company, a South Poll Grass Cattle cow/calf operation focused on raising grass-based genetics, while using adaptive grazing methods utilizing native warm season grasses, summer annuals, and cool season perennials.

Becky has been intimately involved with Farmer Mentor Programs across Virginia and continues to serve the farmer community in her new position of Mid-Atlantic Grazing and Livestock Specialist with the American Farmland Trust. She passionately pursues the cultivation of grazier networks across the Mid-Atlantic region in hopes of continuing to ignite the passion for regenerative grazing practices. She is currently serving on the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council board of directors and the South Poll Grass Cattle Board. In her spare time she continues to work diligently on expanding the public’s knowledge of agricultural life through online videos and vlogs. When not in the fields, Becky can be found kayaking local rivers, hiking mountains or crafting herbal elixirs from her garden.

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