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Regenerate Virginia

Regenerate Virginia

Regenerate Virginia outlines an action plan to tackle the issues of farmland loss and land access head-on. Proposing a suite of initiatives that would protect hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable agricultural acres over the next two decades, the plan aims to secure the foundation of farming—land—in the Commonwealth.

Grafton Solar

Agrivoltaic solar project in Grafton, MA in partnership with AES and Bluewave provides a living laboratory to help understand how solar energy and agriculture can co-exist productively on the same land.  

Cloverleigh Farm

Susan Mitchell is the owner and operator of Cloverleigh Farm. She began growing food as a public high school teacher, before purchasing her own property. She used the funds from the New England Farmer Microgrants Program to develop a strategic business plan for the future of her farm.

Wisconsin Farmland Protection Partnership Project

The Wisconsin Farmland Protection Partnership Project seeks to address the need for increased agricultural conservation easement funding in the state. The
Partnership plans to slow the loss of vital agricultural land by accelerating permanent land protection statewide.

Smart Solar for New England

Smart Solar for New England is AFT’s work ensuring that clean renewable energy co-exists with New England agriculture instead of displacing it.

Planning for Agriculture

Planning is a public process to envision the future and help us prepare for future needs. This page highlights AFT’s leadership to advance Planning for Agriculture and provides valuable resources to support public policies to promote resilient food and farming systems.

George Houser: Sparking a Local Farmland Protection Movement

George Houser worked with fellow farmers and citizens and AFT to develop guidelines for local farmland protection, protect his own farm, and inspire many of his farm neighbors to protect thousands of acres of their own land.   

Smart Solar Siting Partnership Project for New England

Smart Solar Partnership Project for New England is AFT’s multi-year effort to advance smart solar siting policies and programs in New England that accelerate the expansion of renewable solar energy facilities while maintaining New England’s most productive, resilient farmland.