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2023 Farm Bill Policy Platform

A Vision for the Future of Agriculture in America

Drawing on decades of leadership at the intersection of agriculture and the environment, AFT has a vision for a resilient agricultural future where:  

  • America’s agricultural land base is secure, and farmers and landowners have the resources they need to permanently protect their land from development.
  • Producers operate thriving, viable businesses while feeding their communities nutritious food. 
  • Farmers and ranchers are recognized and rewarded not just for the food, feed, fiber, and fuel they produce, but also for the environmental benefits they provide.  
  • A diverse new generation can afford to purchase farmland, build wealth, and contribute to a productive food system. 
  • Producers and service providers benefit from easier access to government programs and technical assistance. 

To achieve this vision, we need YOU to join us in advocating for forward-thinking programs and policies. The next Farm Bill is our best chance to address the challenges our farmers and ranchers face, and chart a course to this more resilient food system.

Help Build a Transformational 2023 Farm Bill

Take action today and tell your elected representatives to seize this opportunity and support a Farm Bill in 2023 that builds a more resilient farm and food system while helping to solve the modern challenges facing agricultural producers.

Take Action

How These Recommendations Were Developed

To support the development of AFT’s 2023 farm bill agenda, AFT gathered stakeholder input through 16 workshops hosted across the nation. From over 300+ farmers and ranchers, service providers, farm and environmental groups, researchers, and other key stakeholders who attended, participants told us about the challenges they face, the barriers they experience in accessing farm support programs and adopting conservation practices, and what farmers and ranchers producers need to build resilient, profitable businesses. AFT is deeply grateful for their time, passion, and dedication, and for their contributions in shaping this agenda.

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