Dee Perry - American Farmland Trust

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Dee Perry

Executive Director for Georgia Agricultural Land Trust

Dee Perry was born in rural West Georgia but grew up in the military, living on her grandparent’s farm off and on as her father’s tours of duty sometimes excluded the family. In the late 1960’s, the family was forced to sell the farm to an electrical corporation to build a power plant. It changed her family forever. She has always been an advocate for preservation, even at a time when conservation programs were young. Dee moved back to the West Georgia region in 2008. In 2012 she was approached to work on a project for the Georgia Agricultural Land Trust and later was asked to serve as the Executive Director. Over the last several years, the trust has reorganized itself and has moved to create a new board and joined the American Farmland Trust as their first affiliate. Beside working on deeds of conservation easement, Dee also participates in projects regarding ag zoning and prevention of large-scale projects that destroy viable farmland. She lives in Bremen, Georgia and is married to Randy.