Felicia Bell - American Farmland Trust

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Felicia Bell

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, National Center for Appropriate Technology / Certified Land Access Trainer

Felicia Bell of RD & S Farm, LLC was born into agriculture—what most people today would call homesteading. Her family sustained themselves from the land with food. It was instilled in Felicia that helping others is very important to your very existence as a producer but also to the values associated with community. Over many years she has learned new technologies (i.e., methods and practices) for small producers that would be inexpensive or a DIY project to lessen the burden of cost but increase their viability as a farm enterprise. These experiences have provided her with wonderful opportunities such as sustainable agriculture project development, board member assignments, and her current position as ag specialist for National Center for Appropriate Technology. Felicia believes that everyone deserves the option of healthy food and that with the collective effort of small sustainable farmers across the country, this can become a reality.