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Guillermo Balboa

AFT Senior Research Fellow | Climate and Soil Health Initiative, National Programs, AFT Fellows Program, University of Nebraska

Guillermo joined AFT as an AFT Research Fellow in November of 2023 to lead the Nebraska component of AFT’s biochar soil health demonstration trial project, and contribute his expertise in cropping systems, nutrient management, digital agriculture, and crop modeling to develop innovative approaches for sustainable farming systems. Guillermo is a Research Assistant Professor in nutrient management and digital agriculture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His work centers on applying agronomic knowledge, soil science, and crop production principles to investigate innovations in farming systems that increase productivity, water, and nutrient use efficiency. His research integrates field experiments, modeling, and digital agriculture tools, and collaboration with other research groups, farmers, industries, and stakeholders to develop is essential to his approach. Guillermo earned his master’s degree in precision nutrient management at Rio Cuarto National University in Argentina and a Ph.D. in Agronomy at Kansas State University, where he focused on management practices to close yield gaps in corn-soybean rotations. He has held previous positions as an Assistant Professor at Rio Cuarto National University in Argentina and as a postdoctoral fellow in Farming Systems and Digital Ag at the Commonwealth Science Industries and Research Organization in Australia.

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