Jim Koebke - American Farmland Trust

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Jim Koebke

Massachusetts Farmer Consultant

Jim Koebke runs Walnut Lane Farm, a dairy and beef production with 100-150 head of cattle. Jim has transitioned his land from primarily silage corn production to 130 acres of perennial hay crop and no-till mixed cover crop for bailage (rotated through the hay crop fields) and 100 acres of permanent pasture. Jim’s farm is entirely no-till and soil health focused; Jim has completely transitioned away from synthetic fertilizers in recent years and has been experimenting with the use of foliar organic fertilizers to improve crop performance and nutrient cycling. This has reduced Jim’s fertilizer costs and improved his soil health.

Equipment and tools: No till drill, John Deere 7200 Max Emerge corn planter.

Availability: The best time to call or text Jim is in the morning around 9am (after milking) and if that’s not a good time, he will set up an appointment with you when you call.

Area of Expertise

Soil health for livestock fields, grazing practices, pasture health and transitioning to organic fertilizers in livestock production fields.