Krista Magaw - American Farmland Trust

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Krista Magaw

Executive Director for Tecumseh Land Trust

Krista Magaw has long worked in public and non profit sectors, first focusing on improving access to quality health and mental health care, then working in the area of land and water conservation. With a masters degree in Public Policy from Duke University, she has participated in policy development and implementation, ranging from federal Farm Bill programs and state Medicaid Plans to local land use plans.Tecumseh Land Trust (TLT) has preserved over 29,000 acres of farm and natural land with permanent conservation easements, including 168 farms, Glen Helen Nature Preserve, and over 44 stream miles. With awards to protect 5,000 more acres, the land trust is progressing toward protection of 100,000 acres in Clark and Greene Counties. Landowners are very interested in participating in easement purchase programs, but often are unaware of them and need help to gain access. As one of 30 local Ohio land trusts, TLT participates regularly in Coalition of Ohio Land Trust and Land Trust Alliance lobby days, and maintains good working relationships with landowners, government officials, and the public. Most of our operating support comes from member donations and fundraisers.