Maria Teresa Tancredi - American Farmland Trust

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Maria Teresa Tancredi

AFT Research Fellow | Women for the Land Initiative, National Programs, AFT Fellows Program, University of Georgia

Maria Teresa Tancredi is a PhD student in Dr. Jennifer Thompson’s Social Sustainability of Agrifood Systems Lab at the University of Georgia. She is in the fourth year of her program and is currently leading a collaboration with AFT to better understand the experiences and roles of women farmers in operations that produce row crops in the Northeast, Midwest, and South regions of the United States. As part of her doctoral program, she is also investigating farmers’ perspectives on cover crops and their experiences with incentive programs that support their adoption. In 2019, Maria Teresa moved to the U.S. to pursue a Dual Master’s degree in Crop and Soil Sciences and Sustainable Agriculture jointly offered by the University of Georgia and the University of Padova in Italy. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Technologies from the University of Padova. Maria Teresa enjoys working across disciplines to research sustainability from multiple perspectives.

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