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Mike Davidian

Massachusetts Farmer Consultant

Mike Davidian grows 70 acres of vegetables and corn, using both synthetic and organic fertilizers, with cover crop mixes and reduced tillage practice. After adopting soil conscious practices Mike has seen an increase in marketable product yield. Davidian’s Farm Market was able to achieve a total conversion of equipment using both MDAR grants and USDA conservation programs. Mike attended the UMaine Compost School and makes all of his own compost on farm.

Equipment and Tools: Mike has experience with using a no-till drill, no-till corn planter, compost spreader, Forigo GS35-170 Stone Burier / Plastic Layer and just recently added a zone tiller to his fleet and will be beginning use in 2022.

Area of Expertise

Identifying grants and financial assistance options for soil health practices, adopting more soil health friendly practices for crops, and making on-farm compost.

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