Suzanna Denison - American Farmland Trust

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Suzanna Denison

Program Manager, American Farmland Trust / Certified Land Access Trainer

Suzanna Denison is a passionate advocate for farmland access and preservation and grew up on a conventional vegetable farm in Maine, which transitioned to organic in the 1990s. In the early 2000s, her family worked with an area agricultural land trust to place a conservation easement on their land. Off-farm, she directed the Western North Carolina (WNC) FarmLink program, which was a partnership facilitating successful relationships between farmers looking for land to farm, and landowners aspiring to keep their farm and forest land in agriculture. In an effort to expand her work in farm transition planning, Suzanna became a certified farm succession coordinator through the International Farm Transition Network in 2018. At American Farmland Trust, she currently serves as the Program Manager and a Land Access Trainer for the Farms for the Next Generation national initiative.