Wally Czajkowski - American Farmland Trust

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Wally Czajkowski

Massachusetts Farmer Consultant

Wally Czajkowski (he/him) is a lifelong Hadley farmer growing vegetables and tobacco. For 10 years Wally has been successful growing winter squash and pumpkins using zone tillage and wants to share that experience. Wally is interested in reduced tillage strategies, cover cropping, and is insulted when he hears folks calling soil “dirt”.

Equipment and Tools: Wally has experience with the zone builder, front-mounted row cleaners, planters adapted with row cleaners, rolling cultivators, subsoilers, and sprayers.

Availability: Most availability is December through April. During the growing season, call evenings or Sunday afternoons.

Area of Expertise

Zone tillage for pumpkins and winter squash, cover cropping, and drip irrigation.