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Learning Circles for Women in Agriculture

Since 2008, our Women for the Land Learning Circles have supported women agricultural landowners and producers in the Midwest, MidAtlantic, and Northeast regions with access to resources, information, and peer networks to support them in taking action towards improving conservation on their land.

Developed, in part, out of a partnership with the Women in Food and Agriculture Network in Iowa, AFT’s Women for the Land Learning Circles combine research-based, participatory methods to create space for women in agriculture to share their expertise, experiences, and connect with resources to assist them in navigating challenges. Lengthy introductions and non-hierarchical structures allow women to develop relationships that are key to supporting their success.

Over the years, our programming has grown to reach women in more than 10 states. Since 2020, our programming has been laying a foundation in the Southeast and expanding in the MidAtlantic, Midwest, Northeast, New England,West Coast, and the Pacific Northwest.

Women for the Land Testimonials

Our Impact


AFT has hosted over 130 learning circles to-date


We have engaged over 1,500 women in 9 states since 2008


Over 70% of women report taking action toward conservation on their land after participating in a Learning Circle

Top Tips for Hosting an In-Person Learning Circle

Our Women For the Land program also conducts partners trainings on how best to implement Learning Circles. Through our Landowners and Farmers Partnering for Clean Water in the Great Lakes project we developed a best practices guide for hosting a Learning Circle.

View Guide Here

Guide on Virtual Engagement with Women in Agriculture

In 2020, our Women for the Land team around the U.S. pivoted our in-person programming to online, virtual Learning Circles. Through partnership with local service providers and our partner organizations around the country, we put together a guide on some best practices and lessons learned from our recent efforts to provide quality educational and networking opportunities for women in agriculture.

View Guide Here

At Learning Circles, women gather to hear from each other and agricultural resource providers from their local communities regarding practices and programs that support soil health, water quality, climate resilience, farm viability, and/or legacy planning for the land under their care. Follow-up research with past participants demonstrates the effectiveness of these gatherings at driving action on the landscape and supporting women in gaining confidence as stewards of precious agricultural land.

Learning circles are adapted to fit the unique needs, audiences, and partnerships on the ground across the country. Formats for learning circles range from half-day to three full days, and due to the necessity of social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, online virtual gatherings are also being developed and implemented.

To sign up to hear more information about programming in your region, please express your interest here.


Need to contact a WFL Program Coordinator?

Many of our staff have multiple projects and programs. Click below on the staff individual closest to your region, otherwise contact our national WFL team, Gabrielle Roesch-McNally OR Caitlin Joseph.