AFT 2020 National Conference - American Farmland Trust

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2020 National Conference

Please join American Farmland Trust for a National Convening Celebrating 40 Years of Saving the Land that Sustains Us


Education Session Focus Areas

Protecting America's Agricultural Land 

The time is now to accelerate a new wave of farmland protection in America. We will explore progress made since 1980, best practices, techniques, policies and programs for securing and permanently protecting the nation’s agricultural land. We will identify critical actions to scale this movement in the context of ever-increasing threats. 

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Scaling Up Agriculture’s Response to Climate Change

Our planet faces a climate crisis.  Farmers and ranchers are on the front line and already feeling the impacts.  Regenerative farming practices offer low-cost, proven, scalable ways to combat climate change.   No other strategy yields so many benefits needed for a sustainable future.  Discussions will include agriculture and climate policy at the state and federal level, innovative partnerships and financing mechanisms, and roles for farms and ranches in generating renewable energy while protecting high quality farmland.

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Sustaining A New Generation of Farmers and Ranchers

Young and beginning farmers and ranchers need meaningful opportunities for secure access to affordable farmland. This track will highlight successful strategies and scalable solutions for enabling communities of farmers and ranchers to access land, including through the successful transfer of land from a senior generation. Local, state and federal policies, innovative partnerships and alternative financing models will be discussed.

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