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Bringing a New Generation of Farmers on the Land in New Jersey

New farmers face substantial barriers in New Jersey, especially when it comes to finding land. New Jersey has the second highest farmland prices in the nation, making it difficult for beginning farmers to find suitable land at a price they can afford. And, opportunities to lease appropriate farmland can often be difficult to find.

Farm transfers within or outside a family can also be complicated due to family, business, legal, and tax hurdles. During this transition, farms can be at high risk of being lost to real estate development.

Farmland Advisers New Jersey

Farmland Advisers New Jersey

Learn more about the Farmland Advisers New Jersey participants.

To address these challenges, American Farmland Trust brought together a network of 15 professionals, who work actively with farmers to access land and successfully transfer farmland to the next generation, to participate in the multi-year Farmland Advisors New Jersey program. This advanced training program offers a unique opportunity for in-depth training to strengthen their personal expertise and organizational capacity to support beginning farmers across the state.

These participants in the Farmland Advisers New Jersey program will dig deep into specific land access and transfer topics such as:


  • Personal and business goal-setting
  • Assessing financial readiness
  • Understanding land tenure options
  • Finding available farmland
  • Assessing farm property suitability
  • Farm leasing and purchasing farmland
  • Participating in farm succession planning

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This material is based upon work supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program under subaward number ENE18-152.