Through our Farmers Combat Climate Change initiative, AFT aims to elevate the role of farmers and farmland to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. From policy and training to on-the-ground demonstration projects, we are working to scale up the adoption of climate-smart agriculture practices and ensure a resilient future for the land that sustains us.

Soil Health Training

Healthy, fully-functioning soils offer substantial benefits to growers — and hold great power to not only reduce carbon emissions, but sequester carbon in the soil. Healthy soils are resilient to weather extremes, maximize water and nutrient storage, and increase profitability through decreased input costs and increased yields.

Through hands-on workshops, this project provides training in assessing and quantifying the economic and environmental benefits of soil health practices among farmers across Washington and Oregon.

Working with workshop participants, AFT presents these benefits via a collection of case studies that are a powerful tool in scaling up climate-smart agricultural practices statewide.

By training professionals who interact with growers daily and equipping them with quantification tools, we expand local knowledge and expertise in soil health and highlight economic incentives for growers to adopt soil health practices.