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Farms for the Future

A Skill-Building Workshop Series for Municipalities, Land Trusts, and Non-Profits to Support Farms and Farmers in northern New England

Despite long-standing efforts to protect and support agriculture, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont continue to lose agricultural land every year. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the critical role of local farms and farmers to community resilience and well-being, as well as the imperative for securing farmland and making it available for farmers for the future. Land trusts, municipalities, and local support organizations can and do play vital roles in supporting agriculture—but we all must do more.

This five-part workshop series for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont provided introductory level workshops to offer skill-building resources, guidance, and networking to municipalities, land trusts, and organizations interested in protecting more farmland, increasing land access for farmers, building climate resiliency, planning for agriculture, and advancing land justice. Participants heard from local and regional experts and professionals in the field, including farmers, planners, land trusts, policy makers, scientists, and land justice advocates. Workshops were presented in online forums in August and September 2020. They are recorded and available below.




Special thanks to Jane's Trust

This series would not have been possible without a grant from Jane's Trust, who generously gifted American Farmland Trust with the opportunity to do this work. We appreciate their dedication to the New England region. In the spirit of the gift, we hope this series is a resource for more communities for years to come.

Project Partners

This work could not have been done without our amazing partners and experts in the field. Representatives from these esteemed organizations helped craft resources, bring in other experts, and support outreach for this series. Their work is invaluable and we are grateful for their continued work toward a vibrant agricultural system in New England.