Grafton Solar is an agrivoltaic solar project in Grafton, Massachusetts, in partnership with AES and Bluewave. It is providing a living laboratory to help understand how solar energy and agriculture can co-exist productively on the same land.  

AFT is committed to agrivoltaics becoming a cornerstone of state and national strategies that: 

  1. Keep more farms in production 
  2. Create access opportunities for new and beginning farmers 
  3. Build community acceptance as much more solar is deployed across the country

This innovative project is demonstrating how dual-use solar can provide power and share space with crops (NYT). Check out the AES video below that explains the Grafton Solar project. 


AFT is working with strong partners to build success: AES, Bluewave, Borrego, UMASS, SolAg, and especially, farm and landowner Paul Knowlton, Knowlton Farms.