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Veteran Women for the Land 

Veteran Women for the Land Project

The Veteran Women for the Land project fosters a community of practice among military veteran women farmers in the Pacific Northwest through a series of listening sessions, Learning Circles, and convenings. Our project offers both in-person and virtual learning opportunities tailored to the participants’ interests, providing veteran women with the necessary skills, training, and experience they need to be successful in agriculture.

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Veteran Women in Agriculture: A Regional Needs Assessment

This report provides a synthesis of research conducted as part of American Farmland Trust’s Veteran Women for the Land project, which was designed to fill in gaps in our knowledge of how to better serve women veterans in agriculture. This work was particularly focused on meeting the needs of women veterans in the Pacific Northwest and those interested in pursuing agriculture. In order to better serve this group with regards to programmatic outreach and education, American Farmland Trust hosted a series of virtual interviews with 23 veterans and those who offer technical assistance (TA) to veterans during the spring of 2022.

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