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Putting Farmers First

America’s farmers, ranchers, and growers overcome immense challenges every season to produce the most bountiful harvests in human history. All this while making pennies on the dollar and skirting the thin red line of profitability.

But this is not news to you. You live it every single day.

American Farmland Trust is dedicated to helping keep farmers like you in business and your fields in production. You have probably seen one of our bumper stickers that say “No Farms No Food” before. Recently, we’ve started doubling down on this – No Farms No Food No Future.

For 40 years, AFT has worked to serve the land, practices, and people behind our nation’s food system. We hope you will read more about our work serving farmers and our impact on farmers across the country, and stay in touch about programs and exciting new work that AFT is doing.

If you’re able to support American Farmland Trust, do so knowing you are protecting vulnerable farmland and ranchland from sprawl, promoting profitable conservation farming practices, and most importantly of all – keeping farmers like you farming.

The proof is in the impact

From promoting soil quality to helping farmers raise their bottom line, AFT approaches conservation and farmland protection with the understanding that when farmers across the country succeed we all succeed. That's why AFT is committed to helping farmers reach their conversation goals. Farmers like Ken Merrick, who used water quality trading credits to implement conversation practices on his land.

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