Emma Rapperport - American Farmland Trust

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Emma Rapperport

Climate and Soil Health Coordinator | Climate and Soil Health Initiative, National Programs

In her Climate and Soil Health Coordinator role, Emma specializes in coordinating development of and creating educational, promotional, and stakeholder engagement content in collaboration with the National Communications team. She also provides other communication and logistical support for Climate and Soil Health, as well as Water and Women for the Land Initiative’s many projects. Emma brings over seven years of experience in climate and agriculture communications in academic, nonprofit, corporate, and hands-on settings to her work at AFT. In college, Emma studied the drivers of rural-to-urban migration and efforts to improve farm life in the 20th century, and worked on dairy and vegetable farms in France, Switzerland, Vermont, and Minnesota. After working on an educational farm in California, Emma completed a Master’s at the Yale School of the Environment with a focus on agricultural knowledge loss and did agricultural field research in Ecuador. In addition, Emma has also worked in renewable energy advocacy communications (including at NRDC), and in sustainable beef and dairy. Emma is fluent in Spanish, French, and German and has worked on farms in Europe, South Asia, South America, and across the United States. She currently lives in the Boston area, and volunteers on vegetable and dairy farms in the Northeast.

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