Kristen Irvin - American Farmland Trust

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Kristen Irvin

New England Program Coordinator 1 413-419-0023

Kristen Irvin is AFT’s New England Program Coordinator, working on AFT’s New England Farmer Microgrants program and supporting administration of the Western New England Regenerative Agriculture project. Prior to starting with AFT, Kristen worked with Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts (MACD) as a blended Program Assistant and Farm Conservation Planner, supporting the Cape and Islands NRCS field office, and was previously a Technical Assistance Program Coordinator for New Entry Sustainable Farming Project’s Community Food Projects grant program. She earned a MS in Agriculture, Food & Environment from Tufts University’s School of Nutrition. After graduating, Kristen worked with the Southeastern MA Agricultural Partnership and also served as a founding Board member of the Southern New England Livestock Institute. Kristen has a few seasons of farmwork experience, mostly on small veggie operations around southeastern MA and a community farm in Virginia (her home state). Her hobbies include getting lost in the woods with her dog Disco, drinking too much coffee, and geeking out over all things birth. Fun fact: Kristen has attended courses in midwifery school and trained as a birth doula in Nashville, TN. She’s in love with New England and is thrilled to join her AFT colleagues in supporting farmers and soil health across this beautiful region.

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