Tasha Brodeur - American Farmland Trust

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Tasha Brodeur

Climate Solutions Implementation Specialist

Tasha brings over two decades of hands-on experience in organic, diversified, and sustainable farming to her role at American Farmland Trust. She has served as farm crew member, manager, owner, educator, mentor, and community organizer. From 2011 to 2018 she owned & operated Tasha’s Veggies, a small, diversified organic vegetable farm specializing in heirloom varieties and supplying high-quality produce to local markets, restaurants, farmers markets and a small CSA. She holds a deep-seated passion for promoting organic and sustainable practices while building community resilience. Her passions align with American Farmland Trust’s mission statement to help conserve farmland, protect sustainable farming practices and keep farmers farming. She is excited to put her passions to work, helping farmers overcome obstacles to implementing conservation efforts on their farms, which will increase their vitality and resilience to our ever changing climate. In her spare time, she most enjoys hiking with her dog Tippy.

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