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Cloverleigh Farm

Susan Mitchell is the owner and operator of Cloverleigh Farm. She began growing food as a public high school teacher, before purchasing her own property. She used the funds from the New England Farmer Microgrants Program to develop a strategic business plan for the future of her farm.

Smart Solar Siting Partnership Project for New England

Smart Solar Partnership Project for New England is AFT’s multi-year effort to advance smart solar siting policies and programs in New England that accelerate the expansion of renewable solar energy facilities while maintaining New England’s most productive, resilient farmland.

Farms Under Threat, New England

As a part of the national Farms Under Threat initiative, New England is determined to produce 50% of its food by 2060.

Working Lands Alliance

An American Farmland Trust project, the Working Lands Alliance is a statewide coalition preserving Connecticut’s farmland.

Women for the Land

AFT helps women farmers and landowners protect their land and embrace conservation.