Learn if your business qualifies for a U.S. Farmed Certification

The mission of American Farmland Trust is big: to save the land that sustains us by protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land. To achieve these goals, AFT needs strong partners—companies, organizations, and committed individuals willing to embrace the challenges that stand in the way of a sustainable future for farmers, ranchers, and all of us who depend on working lands for survival. All of that begins with products grown on American farms.

When there is an opportunity to build partnerships with businesses that support American farmers, AFT is ready and willing to collaborate. A U.S. Farmed seal can help communicate to consumers that your products are made with ingredients grown in the U.S. At the same time, we work with partners to build holistic programs that provide resources, increase awareness, and work towards solutions that protect the land and support farmers.