Farmland loss in the U.S. is an urgent issue.

Every day 2,000 acres of agricultural land are paved over, fragmented, or converted to uses that jeopardize farming. If you eat food, this affects you. So, what can be done?

Tools to protect farmland exist, but they are not being applied as aggressively as needed to prevent the alarming loss of this irreplaceable resource. It’s also about keeping farming families on the land and protecting our national food security.

American Farmland Trust’s efforts have resulted in the permanent protection of over 7.8 million acres of agricultural land in the U.S. We are committed to protecting land not only for agricultural use but also to preserving the wide variety of natural resources found on America’s farms and ranches.

We are asking you to be aware of the importance and urgency of farmland protection. Advocate for farmland protection in your community or state. Read stories of protected farms. Learn about farmland protection and share with a friend. Together, we can save the land that sustains us all.

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Farmland Protection Stories


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