Soil Health Advisory Committee


The Soil Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) meets regularly to guide the development of project resources and activities.

Members include: Caro Roszell, Julie Fine and Emeran Irby (AFT facilitators and staff), Emily Cole, Nathan L’Etoile (AFT), Masoud Hashemi (UMass), Ruben Parrilla (NOFA/Mass), Kate Parsons (NRCS), Laura Maul (MDAR), Michael Leff (MACD) Jim Koebke (Walnut Lane Farm), Jen Salinetti (Woven Roots Farm), Mike Davidian (Davidian’s Farm), Apolo Catala (Oasis On Ballou Farm).

There are also two subcommittees dedicated to scale-appropriate program development: a Large Farms Subcommittee and a Small Farms Subcommittee which serves the interests of farms cultivating less than five acres, market gardens, and urban farms. The Subcommittees are comprised of SHAC members and some additional members. Currently our Small Farms Subcommittee includes Jack Loomis (NRCS).