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Resilient Agriculture West

Regenerate Virginia

Regenerate Virginia outlines an action plan to tackle the issues of farmland loss and land access head-on. Proposing a suite of initiatives that would protect hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable agricultural acres over the next two decades, the plan aims to secure the foundation of farming—land—in the Commonwealth.

Veteran Women for the Land

The Veteran Women for the Land project aims to foster a community of practice among veteran women farmers in the Pacific Northwest through a series of listening sessions, Learning Circles, and convenings. Our project offers both in-person and virtual learning opportunities tailored to the participants’ interests, providing veteran women with the necessary skills, training, and experience they need to be successful in agriculture.

Cloverleigh Farm

Susan Mitchell is the owner and operator of Cloverleigh Farm. She began growing food as a public high school teacher, before purchasing her own property. She used the funds from the New England Farmer Microgrants Program to develop a strategic business plan for the future of her farm.

Liberation Farms

Liberation Farms is a project of the Somali Bantu Community Association. Its mission is to provide community members with access to culturally appropriate and sustainable food. Through the New England Farmer Microgrants Program, they were able to hire a consultant to assist them in their search for their first permanent farm property.

California Agricultural Policy Priorities

Learn more about AFT’s policy recommendations for California to protect vital agricultural land, promote environmentally sound growing practices, and keep farmers on the land for generations.

Fisher Farms

Fisher Farms has been serving their community for five generations. With support of a Brighter Future Fund grant, they will install and improve their fencing infrastructure to ensure their valued produce makes it to market.

Trefiol Gardens

Trefoil Gardens was awarded a Brighter Future Fund grant to invest in a propagation house fit to serve their growing business, which brings neighbors together around local foods grown in the yards of the neighborhood.