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Farmers Combat Climate Change in New York

Climate change has and will continue to have, dramatic effects on all New Yorkers – including farmers and citizens concerned about their food and where it comes from.

In the future, farming and food production could be significantly impacted by severe weather, including warmer winters with more lake-effect snowstorms, hotter summers with serious droughts, and intense storms with heavy rainfall.

At the same time, sea-level rise along our coasts could encroach upon millions of people living along the state’s heavily-populated coastline, displacing residents and pushing new real estate development onto farmland.

Smart Solar Siting

New York’s Renewable Energy goals have led to increased demand for land to site solar and wind projects. American Farmland Trust is working to provide technical assistance to municipalities, land trusts, farmers, and developers on smart solar and wind siting on farmland—to support farm operations, and maximize renewable energy generation while minimizing impact on our best farmland.

Smart Solar Siting in New York

AFT’s Greener Fields Report

American Farmland Trust's Greener Fields report has found that keeping land in farming and promoting good stewardship of the land is an important tool for reducing GHG emissions, as farmland emits approximately 66 times fewer GHGs per acre than developed land in New York. Protecting farmland and reducing the conversion of farmland to real estate development should be an important part of New York's 80 percent GHG reduction goal.

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How to take action to keep land in farming and combat climate change

Learn more about and help share the results by downloading our communications toolkit containing background information on the report, sample newsletter language, visual assets, and example social media posts. 


AFT greatly appreciates the generous financial support of the individuals and organizations that made the Greener Fields report possible, including the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, New York State Conservation Partnership Program administered by the Land Trust Alliance in coordination with New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation and Environmental Protection Fund and AFT’s members.