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Solar Leasing: A Guide for the Pacific Northwest

Grafton Solar

Agrivoltaic solar project in Grafton, MA in partnership with AES and Bluewave provides a living laboratory to help understand how solar energy and agriculture can co-exist productively on the same land.  

Illinois Cover Crop Initiative

The Illinois Cover Crop Initiative is a new program available for farmers who intend to plant cover crops following their 2022 cash crop. Farmers can receive $10 per acre for cover crops planted by December 1, 2022, even if they have planted cover crops before!

Oregon State Policy

An overview of Oregon state policy to protect farmland and support diverse farmers in climate smart agriculture and farm viability.

California Agricultural Policy Priorities

Learn more about AFT’s policy recommendations for California to protect vital agricultural land, promote environmentally sound growing practices, and keep farmers on the land for generations.

Midwest Policy Priorities

AFT is dedicated to working with partners to find solutions to agricultural problems in a comprehensive and holistic manner in Midwest state policy.

The CaRPE Tool

The Carbon Reduction Potential Evaluation Tool, or CaRPE, is a web-based interactive tool that allows users to quickly visualize and quantify GHG emission reductions resulting from the implementation of a suite of cropland and grazing land conservation management practices.​

Climate Initiative

AFT’s Climate Initiative is AFT’s comprehensive effort to ensure farmland, farming, and farmers’ roles in growing solutions and resilience to climate change.