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Ashbourne Farms

November 1, 2019

Protecting Farmland for the Next Generation

Sally Brown and her husband, W. L. Lyons Brown, started their Kentucky farm together from a wedding gifta champion Shorthorn bull and several cows from Sally’s grandfather. Soon after, they bought a plot of farmland and worked to expand their operation. The couple became renowned Shorthorn breeders and started Ashbourne Innan inn and restaurant on their farm that served food directly from the farm’s fields.  

Sally’s grandson, Austin Musselman, and his family.

In 1996, after Lyon’s passing, Sally donated a conservation easement on the entirety of the farm’s 850 acres to American Farmland Trust, to protect the land in perpetuity.   

Now Sally’s grandson, Austin Musselman, runs Ashbourne Farms with his wife, Janie Musselman. Austin and Janie expanded the farm to 2,250 acres, renovated the show barn, and added equestrian and event facilities. Austin also serves on AFT’s President’s Council, furthering his grandmother’s legacy of supporting AFT’s work.