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Land Access Training Curriculum

Looking for resources to help farmers and ranchers find and secure land?

Curriculum Resources

Click on the links below to learn about using the Land Access Training Curriculum. Get to know the curriculum with the Course Outcome Summary. View our Land Access Resources page for teaching materials. Browse our multi-media resources for conversations and news on land access.

The “Farmland for the Next Generation” curriculum was developed to help beginning farmers and ranchers make good land access decisions and gain core skills they need to find and secure land.
It is structured around a series of eight Modules:
  • Introduction to Land Tenure
  • Financial Assessment
  • Land Access Options
  • Finding Land
  • Land Assessment
  • Leasing Land
  • Purchasing Land
  • Succession Planning
Teaching materials can be found on our Land Access Resources page.
We host additional resources in an online collaboration platform called Podio. There you can find PowerPoint presentations along with Teaching and Student learning plans. 
If you would like access to these additional free resources, please contact us at

Farmland for the Next Generation” was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, Award # 2015-70017-23901. Special thanks also to the Farm Credit Contributions Program, Farm Credit East, Farm Credit-Mid America, and the members of American Farmland Trust for their generous cash and in-kind contributions.