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Farms for a New Generation

Farms for a New Generation is a national initiative that supports new, beginning, and next generation farmers and ranchers to gain access to land, steward it well, and succeed in agriculture. Through research, trainings, and partnerships we engage farmers, ranchers, agricultural landowners, and the educators and policy makers that support them. Check out our resources below to learn more.

We recognize that access to land is a complex issue. We acknowledge the systemic theft and barriers to land that historically excluded communities, including Indigenous people, African Americans, and People of Color. We acknowledge that inequitable wealth distribution has placed agricultural land and resources out of reach for many aspiring farmers and ranchers. We envision a transformation towards more health and prosperity for all people and land.

Farmers and Ranchers

Are you a farmer or rancher looking for land to grow your business?

We have resources to support you.

  • Our Find Farmland Resource pages walk users step by step through the process of finding land. The Find Capital pages guide users to find financial resources. Each includes worksheets, check lists, contact information, and more. Check them out to guide yourself through the process.
  • Use our interactive Farmland Protection Directory to find organizations who support farmland protection and access. They can connect you with available land and other support services in your area.
  • Search the list of Land Link programs for one in your area. Land link or farm links work to match land holders with land seekers.
  • Contact experts at the Farmland Information Center.  Our information specialists provide technical assistance free of charge.
A vegetable farm landscape is dotted with farmers harvesting crops in the distance.

Educators and Navigators

Do you support farmers and ranchers access or transfer land and businesses?

We work with agriculture educators and navigators across the country to support their on-the-ground efforts.

A Navigator is an organization with skilled professional(s) that provide direct, tailored support or coaching to farmers, ranchers, and agricultural landowners on land access and transfer or related issues.

We develop educational resources to train land seekers, landowners, land access and transfer skills. Find resources for leading workshops with our Land Access Curriculum.

Learn more about resources we are currently co-creating:

Close up picture of sweet potato vines growing in Louisiana.

Policy Makers and Advocates

Do you support policy development to help farmers and ranchers access or transfer land?

Our research priorities aim to understand the barriers facing new and diverse farmers, and their different histories and circumstances. By understanding and voicing these experiences, we can lead to effective and inclusive systems change. Through our research we are creating and collecting resources for advocates to support farmers and ranchers.

  • The Agriculture Viability Index was created to assess the vitality of agriculture in the Northeast. Click here to explore county, state, and regional data and learn more about the factors that make up a viable agricultural region.
  • Land Access Policy Incentives research project is a collaboration with Indiana University and Portland State University to assess existing land access policies and recommend improvements that will better serve land seekers. Research is currently underway. Results will be posted here when they are available.
  • The Farmland Information Center has a searchable online library with resources for policy makers and advocates. You can search federal, state, and local laws through the search function, or contact us for support. Our information specialists provide technical assistance free of charge.

Farms for a New Generation National Staff