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Farmland for the Next Generation: Land Access Training

Success for a new generation of farmers and ranchers hinges on whether they can secure suitable land to start and expand their operations. Yet this can be a major challenge. American Farmland Trust is here to help.

Partnering with the nation’s leading experts in land access, we developed “Farmland for the Next Generation,” a comprehensive 8-part land access trainer curriculum. Our skills based approach focuses on what people need to be able to do, not just on what they need to know. It addresses three paths to land access: leasing, purchasing, and receiving land through inheritance or gift. Learn more about the project and resources for new generation land seekers and agricultural educators below.

Land Access Multi-Media Resources

Browse our land access media resources.

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Meet the Land Access Trainer Cohort

AFT trained experienced agricultural educators and service providers from across the country to serve as Land Access Trainers to advise beginning farmers and ranchers on their land access decision-making. These trainers represent a nationwide network to support beginning farmers and ranchers as they sort through the financial, legal, and technical challenges of gaining access to land.

Land Access Trainers

Learn more about the project from our cohort of certified Land Access Trainers.

We continue to build on this project thanks to a new BFRDP grant Transitioning Land to a New Generation – where we will create new resources to support communication skills needed during farm and rancher transfers. This is part of many ongoing, multi-faceted partnerships with organizations committed to helping beginning producers succeed.

This project was funded by USDA and Farm Credit

“Farmland for the Next Generation” was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, Award # 2015-70017-23901. Special thanks also to the Farm Credit Contributions Program, Farm Credit East, Farm Credit-Mid America, and the members of American Farmland Trust for their generous cash and in-kind contributions.