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AFT-Cargill Soil Health Training Videos

AFT-Cargill Soil Health Training Videos

American Farmland Trust and Cargill partnered to produce educational videos for use by corn and soybean farmers interested in adopting soil health practices, such as cover crops, reduced tillage, and nutrient management. 

Old Homestead Alpacas

Elaine; owner of Old Homestead Alpacas in Walla Walla deals with wind that is a significant challenge to the flower subscription that she offers from the flowers she grows. She will use the Brighter Future Fund award to put up a strong chain-link slat fence on the property line that will more effectively stop the winds.

Three Dogs Seed Farm

In Northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Dani Fegan of Three Dogs Seed Farm is saving culturally important and climate-adapted seeds of foods, plants, and medicines for her community’s food sovereignty and security. She used the Brighter Future Fund grant money to have a groundwater well drilled on the property.

Bodega Bay Ranch

California Ranch at Bodega is using prescribed fires and grazing as ways to mitigate uncontrolled fires more effectively, cheaply, and in the case of grazing, create an economic benefit. Learn more and how AFT’s Brighter Fund farm grant assisted in a water system to safely handle these prescribed burns.

Sweet Jones Farm

Meet Quincy with Sweet Jones Farm LLC, a family owned and operated, mixed produce Louisiana farm. They sell directly to consumers through CSA, service. Quincy is using the Brighter Future Fund award towards supporting 10 families grow their own food with raised beds, vegetable seedlings, and guidance on how to care for the plants.

Solar Leasing: A Guide for the Pacific Northwest

Read American Farmland Trust’s guidebook that provides agricultural landowners with the tools and skills to make informed decisions on solar leasing, and to better anticipate production losses and avoid costly legal conflicts.

Regenerate Virginia

Regenerate Virginia outlines an action plan to tackle the issues of farmland loss and land access head-on. Proposing a suite of initiatives that would protect hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable agricultural acres over the next two decades, the plan aims to secure the foundation of farming—land—in the Commonwealth.

Farmers Powering Communities

Farmers Powering Communities will advance community solar scale projects of 25 to 50 acres to provide green energy to the two-thirds of Americans, including many low and moderate income families, who don’t have access to rooftop solar. The goal is to create 500MW of community solar capacity in five years.

Illinois Perennial Bioenergy Crop Diversification Project

In a collaboration between American Farmland Trust and Argonne National Laboratory, this project aims to help farmers transition marginal or unproductive areas of their land to grow perennial bioenergy crops. This effort seeks to repurpose marginal lands using perennial crops to provide additional economic opportunities while boosting farm resiliency.