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Solar Leasing: A Guide for the Pacific Northwest

Regenerate Virginia

Regenerate Virginia outlines an action plan to tackle the issues of farmland loss and land access head-on. Proposing a suite of initiatives that would protect hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable agricultural acres over the next two decades, the plan aims to secure the foundation of farming—land—in the Commonwealth.

Illinois Perennial Bioenergy Crop Diversification Project

In a collaboration between American Farmland Trust and Argonne National Laboratory, this project aims to help farmers transition marginal or unproductive areas of their land to grow perennial bioenergy crops. This effort seeks to repurpose marginal lands using perennial crops to provide additional economic opportunities while boosting farm resiliency.

Illinois Cover Crop Initiative

The Illinois Cover Crop Initiative is a new program available for farmers who intend to plant cover crops following their 2022 cash crop. Farmers can receive $10 per acre for cover crops planted by December 1, 2022, even if they have planted cover crops before!

Oregon State Policy

An overview of Oregon state policy to protect farmland and support diverse farmers in climate smart agriculture and farm viability.

Wild Harmony Farm

Rachel Slattery and Ben Coerper are the owners of Wild Harmony Farm, a regenerative livestock farm in Rhode Island. They used the funds from their New England Farmer Microgrants Program award to install above-ground water lines throughout their newly leased fields.