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Gulf Coast Restoration

American Farmland Trust (AFT), in direct collaboration with USDA – Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), is actively engaged in conducting outreach and education and administering financial and technical assistance for producers in Nueces County, TX, to encourage the adoption of agricultural conservation practices to enhance water quality and restore the beloved Gulf of Mexico.  

Rowantree Farm

“Our food is our medicine”. For Rowan, healthy soil is not only making the land and animals healthier, but it also contributes to human health; by nourishing the soil, she can then provide nourishing food to others.

Climate-SMART Crops

AFT is partnering with Truterra of Land ‘O Lakes to catalyze a self-sustaining, market-based network to broaden farmer access, scale up adoption of climate-smart, soil health-promoting practices, and sustainably produce wheat, soy, cotton, and dairy commodities with verified and quantified climate benefits.

Water Resilience

Through on-farm learning events and informational support, this three-year project will build a set of stories, and case studies and support a network for farmers of all sizes and scales around water resilience farming practices.

Climate-Smart Beef

AFT and its 15 partners were recipients of a $30 million Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities grant as part of the flagship USDA program to reduce emissions in the production of agricultural commodities and create new markets for climate-smart beef.

Sustain our Great Lakes

With support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Save our Great Lakes program, the Women for the Land-New York team will accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices on over 2,400 acres across the New York portion of the Great Lakes Basin. This project will feature interactive, farmer-led, technical events and will add five women-led farms to our Demonstration Farm Network.

Resilient Agriculture West

Resilient Agriculture West is an American Farmland Trust initiative that works to increase climate resilience of Western farmers and ranchers.

Avoided Conversion

Climate change mitigation refers to reducing climate change by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions or enhancing the storage of carbon dioxide in soils, forests, and oceans. The Climate and Farms Under Threat teams at American Farmland Trust are working to estimate the mitigation benefits of conservation easements on agricultural lands that are under threat of development to non-agricultural uses and part of a buffer zone around already developed areas.