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Protecting the Great Lakes through a Farm Navigator Network

Ellsworth Acres

Owned and operated by The Briermost Foundation, Ellsworth Acres is committed to helping residents in recovery learn how they can heal their self-worth and give back. They used a Brighter Future Fund grant to build an additional hoop house.

Muddy Fork Farm

Recognizing the sheep industry has minimal infrastructure for processing wool, Monica, a sheep and produce farmer, used a Brighter Future Fund grant to purchase a wool carder, wool picker, and washing machine.

Midwest Policy Priorities

AFT is dedicated to working with partners to find solutions to agricultural problems in a comprehensive and holistic manner in Midwest state policy.

Soil Health for Dairy Suppliers

This project aims to help crop farmers who supply feed to Danone’s North American dairies build holistic soil health management systems across the project area.

Landowners and Farmers Partnering for Clean Water in the Great Lakes

Nearly 284 million acres of U.S. land—or 31 percent of the nation’s land in farms— are owned and rented out by “non-operating” landowners—landowners who do not farm—many of whom are women. This dynamic can make the decision to implement conservation practices a complicated one for both farmers and landowners.

Ohio River Basin Trading Program

American Farmland Trust is part of an innovative, award-winning project reducing pollution and improving the health of the Ohio River.