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Soil Health for Dairy Suppliers

Increasing the resiliency and profitability of dairy supply chain operations while reducing their environmental footprint

AFT is working with partners including Sustainable Environmental Consultants, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Natural Resources Conservation Service. Together, our partnership hopes to better understand the impact that combinations of conservation practices within farm management systems has on overall soil health, water quality, greenhouse emissions, and farm profitability. We hope that this understanding will increase farmer productivity and profitability, improve resiliency to climate change, and provide environmental benefits.

Focusing on western Ohio—Mercer, Paulding, Van Wert, Allen, Auglaize, Logan, and Hardin counties—and the entirety of western Kansas, AFT will conduct one-on-one farmer engagement, benchmarking of farm practices, development of continuous improvement plans, and implementation of improved soil health management practices. A feed-shed analysis will be conducted to identify where priority farmers are located in the project area.

News and Upcoming Events

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Farm to Fridge: Sustainability Starts with Soil Health

Sustainable farming practices such as cover crops and reduced tillage when used within a management system, can improve the overall resilience of crops. Crops grown in a sustainable system require fewer inputs, including fertilizers and additional water.

Conservation cropping systems result in higher grain yields with increased nutritional values, lowering overall costs.

Purchasing sustainably sourced products supports the continued implementation of conservation cropping systems, which promotes the use of such practices in farms and dairies.

Project Goals

Why Farmers Matter

Factsheet and overview of "Supporting Dairy in Ohio and Kansas Soil Health Initiative"

Outreach and Education

Organize local Farmer Workshops featuring experts in implementation of soil health systems. Assist state and local resource providers through train-the-trainer events to better assess and implement soil health practices throughout the feed shed.

Evaluation and Assessment

Manage and analyze farm and field data to assess profitability and key environmental outcomes related to soil health.

Targeted 1:1 Technical Support

Bring new farms into this project for benchmarking through the EcoPractices platform, develop continuous improvement of conservation planning, and implement and facilitate cost-share sign-up.

Project Partners

Thank you to our partners for working together to improve water quality and agriculture in both Ohio and Kansas!

Who do I contact?

Connect with one of our AFT staff who is leading this initiative!