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Water Resilience

Through on-farm learning events and informational support, this three-year project will build a set of stories, and case studies and support a network for farmers of all sizes and scales around water resilience farming practices.

Old Homestead Alpacas

Elaine; owner of Old Homestead Alpacas in Walla Walla deals with wind that is a significant challenge to the flower subscription that she offers from the flowers she grows. She will use the Brighter Future Fund award to put up a strong chain-link slat fence on the property line that will more effectively stop the winds.

Solar Leasing: A Guide for the Pacific Northwest

Read American Farmland Trust’s guidebook that provides agricultural landowners with the tools and skills to make informed decisions on solar leasing, and to better anticipate production losses and avoid costly legal conflicts.

Veteran Women for the Land

The Veteran Women for the Land project aims to foster a community of practice among veteran women farmers in the Pacific Northwest through a series of listening sessions, Learning Circles, and convenings. Our project offers both in-person and virtual learning opportunities tailored to the participants’ interests, providing veteran women with the necessary skills, training, and experience they need to be successful in agriculture.

Washington State Policy

Washington state policy is AFT’s work to engage in conversations around policies that impact farmland and ranchland in Washington and provide current information to AFT members.

South Puget Sound Discovery Farms

Discovery Farms® is a farmer-led on-farm research program that evaluates the effectiveness of on-farm conservation practices in King County, Washington.

Women for the Land

AFT helps women farmers and landowners protect their land and embrace conservation.