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Celebrating Women in Agriculture: Stories From The Field

American Farmland Trust (AFT) actively supports women in agriculture through various initiatives that highlight their contributions, address challenges and foster empowerment. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s amplify the voices of women in agriculture, share their stories, and promote inclusivity within the agricultural community. By recognizing and supporting the efforts of women in this field, we can work toward a more equitable and sustainable future for agriculture. With programs nationally like Women for the Land (WFL) and the Brighter Future Fund (BFF) grant program, we have many examples of storytelling with various identities involved. 

The stories below highlight the diverse and resilient contributions of women in agriculture, emphasizing the significance of celebrating Women’s History Month. From the WFL North Carolina cohort training on climate resiliency and local food systems to the story of Palma Strand working to keep her farmland resilient in Iowa, these narratives showcase women farmers overcoming challenges and leading in their fields. Jessica Krupicka, a vegetable farmer in Iowa, navigates climate change with a diverse operation at Heritage Hill Farm, while BFF grant recipient Kim Andersen, a two-time cancer survivor, runs the only certified organic you-pick blueberry farm in Iowa. 

AFT’s initiatives reflect a commitment to supporting and amplifying the voices of women in agriculture, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable agricultural landscape. 

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