No Farms No Food

Without plenty of healthy farmland—and farmers to steward it—we won’t have the food we need for our future. Or a planet we can live on.

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The United States has lost
acres of farmland and ranchland this year.

Since 1980

American Farmland Trust launched the conservation agriculture movement. We have helped permanently protect over 6.5 million acres of farmland and ranchland, and reduced development pressure on over 300 million additional acres. We have championed environmentally sound farming practices that are now used on farms of all sizes across the nation. We've had a positive impact on over 500,000 farmers and ranchers. And on everyone who eats!

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For the 11th summer in a row, AFT is celebrating the land, people, and communities behind all the food that makes it onto your fork. Help us recognize your favorite market by voting in our Farmers Market Celebration now.

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