No Farms
No Food
No Future

Without farmland and ranchland, we can't win the global fight against climate change. Our food, our water, our environment, our survival—it all depends on American agricultural land.

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Farmer Relief Fund

American Farmland Trust has launched a new Farmer Relief Fund to support farmers and ranchers that are being impacted by the market disruptions caused by the current coronavirus crisis. We are offering $1,000 cash grants to small and mid-size direct-market producers.

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We are experts in regenerative agriculture

American Farmland Trust launched the conservation agriculture movement and has been bringing agriculture and the environment together since 1980. We take a holistic approach to farmland and ranchland, protecting it from development, promoting environmentally sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on it. Agriculture offers the most promising solutions in our fight against climate change—but only when we support farming can it fulfill its promise to feed us and heal our planet.

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